Numeris CPA

Taking The Stress Out of Audits

Numeris CPA Professional Corporation is a trusted accounting firm. Our assurance practice works only with small to medium enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. Your organization matters to us. We are a cloud based firm. Leaving bricks and mortar behind we are able to better serve our clients all over Ontario. Numeris CPA’s qualified staff offer excellent value while providing enhanced personalized service.

About Staff


Andrea Poole, CPA, CA
Licensed Public Accountant


Megan Macphee, CPA
Licensed Public Accountant

Staff Accountant:

Theresa Wilson


What Type of Board Are You?

All corporations, for profit and not-for-profit, must have an active board. What type of board are you?

Operational Board – is your board hands on doing all aspects of management and governance?

Semi-Operation Board – does your organization have a small number of staff wearing many hats with the board helping out when needed as well as providing governance?

Governance Board – does your organization have an Executive Director and/or additional staff and bookkeeping services with the board providing governance with limited or no operational involvement?

At Numeris CPA we proudly support all sizes of  boards.

Our Difference

Not-for-profit organizations face a variety of difficulties. NPOs are often run by volunteers with limited bookkeeping and accountant experience. Understanding reporting and other compliance requirements can be overwhelming. Board and staff turnover can reduce corporate memory.

We understand that your organization faces challenges, some unique and some industry wide. Numeris CPA is here to help you. We will help clarify your organization’s Audit or Review obligations. We provide our client’s with year round support, not just at audit time.

Numeris CPA understands your NPO’s:

  • Unique revenue and expense streams
  • HST
  • Restricted grant funding
  • Filing requirements
  • Staffing and volunteer challenges
  • Technology and software concerns

We will work with your organization to provide guidance on accounting and control matters that might be preventing your organization from reaching its goals. Our clients are not on the clock.

Numeris CPA embraces the digital age and builds relationships with not-for-profit organizations all over Ontario with a focus on the Ottawa area. Bricks and mortar auditing services might be limited in your geographic region. Numeris CPA is here to help. We can work with either paper or digital files – uploaded or delivered. Auditing made easy.

Why Choose Us?

We are qualified professionals with decades of experience.
Professional Standards
Accredited and knowledgeable
Value Added Guidance
We will help your organization be the best it can be.
Cost Effective
What does your organization need? We will tailor the service to your needs and nothing more.
Peace of Mind
Joining a board can be overwhelming. We will help you meet your board obligations.
Cloud Based
We will work with you wherever you are in Ontario.
We stay current with the latest on-line accounting and bookkeeping applications.