About Us


Numeris CPA Professional Corporation is a trusted accounting firm. Our experienced professionals work with small to medium enterprises and not-for-profit organizations providing a variety of accounting services. Your organization matters to us.
We are a cloud based firm. Leaving bricks and mortar behind, we are able to better serve our clients all over Ontario. Numeris CPA’s qualified staff offer excellent value while providing enhanced personalized service.

Andrea Poole, CPA, CA
Licensed Public Accountant

Andrea Poole is a chartered professional accountant leading Numeris CPA from Ottawa. Andrea has built a successful practice focusing on small to medium enterprises, charities and not-for-profits. Andrea continually strives to provide her clients with exceptional professional service and advice. Prior to launching her own firm in 2011, Andrea worked as an accountant for different mid-sized Ottawa public accounting firms as well as an auditor with the Auditor General of Canada. Andrea is currently a member of CPA Ontario’s professional conduct committee. Andrea is also a certified independent director and has served on a variety of corporate boards.

Megan Macphee, CPA,
Licensed Public Accountant

Megan Macphee is a chartered professional accountant leading Numeris CPA from Portland, ON. Megan has expertise with private owner-managed companies and not-for-profit organizations providing assurance, accounting and tax advisory services. With her deep knowledge and experience in these sectors she is able to provide valuable advice to her clients.

Theresa Wilson, BA

Theresa Wilson is an experienced staff accountant leading Numeris CPA from Carleton Place, ON. Theresa has been providing finance and administrative services to Ottawa’s for profit and not for profit sectors for over 30 years. Theresa is extremely knowledgeable, and is a valuable addition to the Numeris team.

Numeris CPA’s professional accountants and staff keep up to date with ever changing regulations.