Audit & Review Engagements

Audit and Review engagements are a key component of our business. Whether you are a for-profit or not-for-profit organization you may be required to undertake either an annual Audit or Review in order to comply with provincial or federal incorporation acts, grant funding, loan requirements, or your own bylaws.

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Compilation Engagement

The preparation of reliable and timely financial information can be essential to the compliance requirements and success of your business or organization. Numeris CPA’s staff will work with you to understand who is using your financial information and will help analyze stakeholder needs to ensure they are receiving the appropriate information.

A compilation engagement is usually carried out for companies or organizations that have little financing requirements and have no obligations towards third parties.

The objective of a compilation engagement is very different from that of a review or audit engagement. A compilation engagement provides no level of assurance regarding the financial information and is not an assurance engagement. This type of engagement seeks to help the client to compile their financial information from the information they provide to the accountant.

Note, for year ends ending after December 14, 2021 a new standard (CSRS 4200) “Compilation engagement” replaced the “Notice to Reader”. Compilation engagements require a more hands on approach, which will result in additional planning and collaboration with your organization.

Taxes and Filing
Tax Preparation & Filing

As Chartered Professional Accountants, Numeris CPA is pleased to offer a range of various tax support services.

  • Personal (T1)
  • Corporate (T2)
  • Personal Service Business (T2, HST)
  • Annual Charity Information Returned (T3010)

If you need a personal income tax return or a corporate return, we are able to help. If you have fallen behind in your filings and are feeling overwhelmed about how to get caught up please get in touch, we can solve this problem.

Our staff are current on the newest changes and tax regulations set out by the Income Tax Act, and would be happy to discuss all tax options with you. We have the latest tax software and have the expertise to best use it to your advantage. Keeping abreast of the ever changing tax rules is a must.


Numeris CPA staff significant experience and expertise in governance, finance, profit and loss management, strategic planning and risk management. We can provide support to assist the organization to:

  • Streamline internal accounting process
  • Develop a budgeting process to achieve financial success
  • Manage key stakeholder relationships
  • Facilitate requests during compliance or financial audits
Accountant Advisory
Independent Director Services

Our Principal, Andrea Poole, CPA, CA, ICD.D, CDI.D, is a certified Independent Director with the training and expertise to join your advisory board or Board of Directors to provide active counsel and assistance. Andrea is currently a Board member with Hockey Canada.

Book a consultation to learn more about her services, and to discover what value she can add to your organization.